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Tim Jadwin


Director Of Client Services - Diabetes



Company Summary:

Our client produces medical education programs.


About Position
The Director of Client Services reports to the Vice President of Client Services and serves to support and augment the Vice President across their respective book of business. The Client Services team is the business development arm of the organization. Client Services applies consultative selling which emphasizes addressing client needs with proactive, individualized solutions. The Director of Clients Services has primary accountability for building deep relationships with the marketing/brand associates and secondarily with the managers. As with all client facing roles, this individual is expected to have an acute understanding of the brand’s strategic goals, objectives and metrics.

This role is responsible for participating in the tactical brand discussions and meetings while the Vice President will attend the more strategic brand activities. By being fully immersed and aware of the tactical initiatives and issues the brand is facing, the Director can more effectively pursue new business as well as retain and grow existing business. Similar to the Vice President, the Director has four key areas of responsibility: 1) Analyze client / business opportunities, 2) innovate on clients’ existing business, 3) capitalize on new product opportunities, and 4) develop strong relationships with clients, partner agencies, support services and other key stakeholders.

Key Responsibilities
  • Analyze Client / Business Opportunities with VP of Client Services
    • Identify and prioritize key client targets based on strategic goals and objectives
    • Outline specific strategies to pursue, retain and grow client base
    • Analyze and monitor client revenue and profitability
    • Anticipate market changes, competitive threats, product launches and other game changing variables
    • Develop business and client specific unit dashboards
    • Outline key metrics with progression to revenue goal, early indicators of success, and lagging indicators
    • Conduct business/client reviews with team to assess how addressing needs, growing revenue and growing profitability.
  • Innovate on Clients’ Existing Business
    • Exhibit Business ownership
    • Proactive recommendations to brand associates and managers to drive clients’ business forward
    • Results driven updates to clients
    • Dashboard for projects to review goals and performance
    • Strategic partnerships with Brand Associates and Managers
    • Seat at the table for brand tactical discussions and meetings; regular face to face meetings
    • Updates on specific project work as well as overarching brand activities
    • Build strong relationships with other partner vendors/contract service organizations that interact with the brand associates and managers
  • Capitalize on New Product Opportunities
    • Recognize/anticipate brand needs that fit with core capabilities
    • Gain broader scope of brands’ value-added business in non-commoditized product offerings
    • Expand business to more brands and projects
  • Develop Strong, Client-Oriented Team
    • Instill passion and accountability to everyone who works in or with business
    • Create sense of client and business unit identity
    • Over communicate business unit happenings (especially early on) to ensure alignment and understanding across organization
    • Demonstrate and show appreciation
Required Skills
  • Strategic and tactical insight and perspective of client’s business and direction needs to go
  • Understanding and perspective on brand associate issues and how company can support/solve those issues
  • Strong ability to convince associates and managers to use company as strategic partner vs. other competitive alternatives
  • Strong ability to establish and maintain interpersonal relationships with marketing associates, managers and other vendor partners
  • Teamwork and partnership characteristics to ensure strong internal working team
  • Ability to understand and communicate scientific and clinical data
Education and Experience
  • 6+ years experience in pharma, biotech, device or diagnostic marketing - needs to be able to provide insightful recommendations to address brand goals as well as connect and build credibility with client base
  • Demonstrated success in selling and Influencing marketing decisions

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