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Tim Jadwin


Group Account Supervisor



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Our client’s mission is to creatively deliver strategically designed and flawlessly executed medical education programs and related services for the benefit of our clients, their customers, and the growth and development of our team.


The Group Account Supervisor (GAS) is a senior manager, responsible for supervising her/his account teams and their resources. Central to the GAS’s responsibility is ensuring strategic and scientific integrity and training the account team in this regard. The GAS is responsible for development of ongoing business on their accounts and assisting the SVP, Associate Director with other new business development.

Key Duties/Responsibilities
  • The GAS should have a long-range view of the account and be able to plan and manage activities over a one to two year horizon.
  • A key responsibility for the GAS is ensuring that the clients, especially at the more senior management levels, are pleased and, if not, problems must be identified early. The GAS should be intimately knowledgeable in the particular therapeutic areas in which they work, involved with key advisors and be on top of key journals and web-based data gathering sites (eg, Doctor’s Guide, First Word). The GAS must insist on strategic, scientific and creative excellence, as well as excellence in implementation and resource allocation.
  • The GAS counsels in marketing and spearheads efforts to develop strategies and goals. The GAS should periodically review the client’s business with the team with a view towards identifying business needs and opportunities.
  • The GAS manages, develops and trains account team members and is instrumental in identifying staffing needs and maintaining staffing efficiencies.
  • The GAS is responsible for the financial aspects of the account. Ensuring that all accounting practices of the client are adhered to and administered.
  • Periodically, the GAS will be called upon to be present at physician education events and must be fluid in the content-area.
  • Lead the team on strategic/business development and tactical implementation
  • Develop and present business plans
  • Provide direction and supervise team on implementation, including development of strategically sound agendas for key events
  • Selection and preparation of top thought leaders for key events
  • Set overall goals and timing
  • Serve as senior client contact, responsible for ongoing relationship development
  • Identify and proactively respond to opportunities that arise as well as lead longer term planning
  • Train and develop account team
  • Develop and manage staffing plan to ensure appropriate resource allocation and utilization
  • Oversee contract development and overall budget development and approval
  • Liaise with internal senior managers, scientific services, finance, etc. to ensure optimal client satisfaction, business development, and income potential
  • The GAS is critical to maintaining and developing business and is accountable for success of the client relationship.
The GAS is accountable for:
  • Demonstrating leadership
  • Account training and morale
  • Strategic, scientific and creative excellence
  • Organization and efficiencies
  • Project records, finances
  • Adherence to timelines
  • Previous experience (5-8 years) as a senior account manager is key with a demonstrated history of leadership and business development important. This experience must be in the medical area with at least 3-4 years in medical education. Ideally, the GAS has managed a variety of medical education programs with a working knowledge of promotional and CME activities.
  • The GAS must have a bachelor’s degree. A degree in biology or biochemistry is preferred but not necessary. Advanced degrees in business administration and/or science are welcome.
  • We expect to see the GAS identifying opportunities for business growth as they bond with the client. We also expect to see noticeable and positive interaction between the GAS and key physicians across the therapeutic areas in which they work. We also expect the GAS to develop the talent on their team-and foster a team approach to accomplishing goals. The GAS effectively develops relationships with peers across departments to ensure efficiencies and appropriate intra-department communication.
  • The GAS must display a willingness to work overtime, travel and attend off-hour events, etc.
  • The job description should not be construed to imply that these requirements are the exclusive standards of the position. Job-holders may be required to follow any other instructions, and to perform any other related duties required by their supervisor(s).

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