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Tim Jadwin


Managed Markets Writer


New Jersey

Company Summary:

A firm specializing in health care communications and strategic consulting in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.


Department and Position Overview:
The Managed Care Writer is responsible for developing communication materials for pharmaceutical marketing and sales teams who are responsible for payer channel customers and issues (i.e.brand and channel marketing managers, account executives, sales representatives and their leadership). Their payer channel customers are generally managed care executives (pharmacy, medical, financial and quality executives from commercial, government, and employer payers These communication materials often focus on the status of key managed market issues and/or trends and the impact of these issues on their business.
The Managed Care Writer performs independent research resourcing from a variety of managed care, health economic and clinical resources including journals (Journal of Managed care Pharmacy) and websites from managed care associations (AMCP, PCMA, AHIP), Center for Medicare/Medicaid Services, and health economic sources (ISPOR).
The Managed Care Writer reports to Clinical Services and works closely with internal Creative Services department and Medical teams to align to client strategy and project objectives. Some client interface may also be required.

Specific Duties, Activities, and Responsibilities:
  • Writes some or all of the following:
    • Power Point presentations, monographs, web site content, training materials, briefing documents on "hot" topics on managed care issues, etc such as:
    • Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committees, Formulary Reviews
    • Commercial Health Plan and Pharmacy Benefit Managers Issues and Trends
    • Government Payer (Medicaid and Medicare) Issues and Trends including Medicare Part D
    • Employer Benefit Design and Trends
    • Comparative Effectiveness
    • Health Care Quality: NCQA/HEDIS and Performance Metrics (i.e Pay for Performance (P4P), PQRI, Transitions of Care (ToC), and Health Information Technology (HIT)
    • Implications on these trends and issues impact pharmaceutical companies and managed care organizations
    • Agendas, workshops, and summaries of managed care advisory boards
    • Health Economic Outcomes
  • Writes and edits engaging, relevant copy; sets an example with consistently high standards of writing
  • Takes ownership of a managed care issues for our clients; maintains deep knowledge base of all messaging-related information pertaining to the channel (i.e. Commercial, Government, Employers, Long Term Care, Institutions)
  • Ensures client-specific style is consistent throughout jobs
  • Participates in strategic/creative brainstorming sessions that produce innovative, payer-sound ideas
  • Resources relevant background materials, brand-specific insights, style guides and guidance in terms of preferred tone and messaging.
  • Helps prepare materials for med-legal submission
  • Works as part of agency team to achieve the client’s objectives through strategically sound concepts and impactful message strategies
  • Works closely with Client Services and Medical teams
  • Attends all internal status meetings
  • Attends client input meetings for new projects, as needed
  • Participates in client-agency meetings; uses client-facing skills to enhance the agency relationships
  • Proactively monitors the progress of assigned projects and reports back to supervisor through each phase of development, i.e., research, draft, layout, and production
  • Maintains a reasonable library of own reference material relating to assigned clients
  • Addresses queries from client services and/or medical support team
Education or Equivalent:
  • BA in English or BS in Life Sciences
  • 1-3 years of managed care writing experience
  • Pharm D, or MPH or equivalent work experience in health systems writing is preferred but not required
Business/Project Management:
  • Maintains and/or exceeds minimum billable utilization percentages for position level
  • Works within and manages to budgeted labor hours to ensure job profitability
  • Meets all deadlines, or secures advanced approval if additional time is needed
  • Attends regular status meetings
Knowledge/Skills Requirements:
  • Working knowledge of managed care issues, trends and terminology
  • Strong command of the English language
  • Proficient in American Medical Association (AMA) style
  • Familiarity with FDA/DDMAC regulations and guidelines
  • Established editing and proofreading skills
  • Strong verbal communication and presentation skills
  • Ability to think both creatively and strategically
  • High-level interpersonal, organizational, and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to prioritize tasks and manage time effectively
  • Ability to obtain the necessary direction on projects and set expectations accordingly

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