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Tim Jadwin


Chief Administrative Officer



Company Summary:

Our client produces medical education programs.


Brief Description:
Innovation, Technology Enablement, and Profitability: During this critically important time of business transformation, The Chief Administrative Officer provides immediate and additional focus, leadership and experience across the business operations, including Information Technology, Finance, Human Resources, Business Integration, Facilities and Contracts. This role is particularly valuable in the face of new industry regulations, growing compliance obligations, healthcare reform, and increased procurement activity. The CAO is responsible for the management of the administration of the overall company and reports directly to the President.

Immediate Responsibilities:
  • In-depth assessment and evaluation of current business operations to identify strengths, weaknesses, risks and opportunities. End goal is to utilize experience and industry knowledge to develop an organization that is:
    • Customer needs focused,
    • Forward-thinking,
    • Technology-centric, and
    • Lean
  • Challenge status quo and champion new initiatives while understanding purpose, reasoning around existing processes and activities
  • Act as a catalyst of change and stimulate others to identify new breakthrough ideas or incremental benefits that pave new ways for how we think and approach business
  • Weigh benefit/cost of change initiatives to customer and organization to prioritize resources
Administration and Management of Internal Business Operations
  • Responsible for ensuring the internal operations allow employees to be as productive and effective in their work as possible.
  • Identify and anticipate employee needs (technological, financial, human resource/employee talent) to deliver on today and be ahead of tomorrow’s customer requirements.
  • Strong partnerships with client service and Operations teams (including client visits, joint staff meetings, strong working relationships with counterpart expected at all levels)
  • Provide organization with cutting-edge technology, process methodology, financial analysis, resource prioritization, and organizational structure and modeling.
  • Marshal limited resources as to the most productive uses with the aim of creating maximum value for the company’s stakeholders (owners, customers, employees).
  • Understand modern management theories (Total Quality Management, Kaizen) and employ process/quality improvement techniques (business process reengineering, Six Sigma)
  • Institute dashboard and performance measures to assess operational performance
  • Understand and anticipate compliance, privacy, OIG, regulatory and legal standards and trends as well as quality process standards (ISO 9001).
  • Demonstrated Leadership and organizational change success,
  • Motivational, inspiring leadership style,
  • Strategic insight and perspective but willing to get into details to fully assess current situation and recommend/implement changes
  • In-depth knowledge of the pharma, biotech, device and diagnostics businesses & industry
  • Expertise as well as significant experience applying process, technology, finance and human resource capabilities to drive strategy (ideally, previous COO experience and detailed understanding of functions therein)
  • Deep financial knowledge, modeling/forecasting, application and analysis
  • Thorough IT knowledge, application and analysis
  • Full understanding and appreciation for compliance, privacy, OIG, regulatory and legal standards and regulations,
  • Talent for coaching, developing and stretching employees to take on broader responsibilities and achieve personal goals.
  • In-depth understanding of Human Resource modeling, organizational structure, and talent development
  • Client focus, orientation, and passion - contagious to rest of the organization
  • Adept at quickly and effectively operationalizing new businesses - ideally with understanding of patient adherence and medical education
  • Robust prioritization and problem solving abilities

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