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Tim Jadwin


VP Business Development



Company Summary:

Our client produces medical education programs.


Brief Description:
The VP of Business Development is responsible for acquiring new pharma, biotech, device and diagnostic clients. This role is critical to successfully diversify the current client base. The VP of Business Development applies consultative selling which emphasizes addressing client needs with proactive, individualized solutions. This role is responsible for developing the organization’s overarching client diversification strategy as well as individualized prospect strategies. The VP of Business Development should identify key relationships across the company that can be leveraged or used to initiate discussions at targeted company prospects. The President will work closely with the VP of Business Development to initiate new business opportunities. The VP of Business Development is responsible for the following: 1) identifying company/client targets and securing meetings with key contacts/influencers in the company, 2) developing and delivering customized capabilities presentations to key contacts/influencers in the company, 3) presentation/meeting follow-up and relationship building, and 4) Identifying and securing new projects. Depending on the project type, depth of the client opportunity, and overall workload of the team, the VP of Business Development transitions the business over to a VP in Client Services.

  • Client Prospect Identification and Relationship Building (Regional and National)
    • Identify all opportunities based on existing relationships (Regionally and Nationally)
    • Understand each prospects needs and value our client can provide
    • Assess market opportunity
    • Develop revenue and expense projections
    • Determine value of alliance partner organizations
    • Assess competitive environment
    • Key Deliverables:
      • Develop national and regional strategy/approach
      • Prioritize opportunities based on key criteria (size of opportunity, relationship, market event, etc.)
      • Set up meeting with prioritized firms
      • Develop "pitch" presentation on capabilities to address specific needs/opportunities
      • Recommend best individuals/team to present to firms
  • Client Focused Capabilities Presentations and Proposals
    • Research and understand client prospect’s needs, product offerings, competitive threats, most significant issues trying to address
    • Customize capabilities presentation based on prospect needs
    • Develop written proposal in partnership with Client Services and Operations
    • Deliver presentation to key stakeholders - bring key internal resources that augment sell and demonstrate capabilities
    • Rigorous/resilient follow-up with key stakeholders/decision makers at prospect - communicate status across internal organization
  • Identify and Secure Initial Project(s)
    • Outline key project deliverables and processes working with client and internal team
    • Secure signed contract, work order, or master service agreement
    • Identify transition timing and process with appropriate VP of Client Services once client is secured as longer-term opportunity
  • Significant and strong network of contacts across healthcare industry
  • Incredible relationship initiator and builder - resilient personality that capitalizes on every opportunity that is presented
  • Recognizes need for significant "shots on goal" to secure one viable client. Thus is relentless and diligent in strategically identifying and pursuing multiple prospect candidates at a time and recognizing capture rate is likely 5:1.
  • 5 - 10 years experience and leadership in pharma, biotech, device, or diagnostic marketing brand or brand agency - needed to be able to provide insightful recommendations to address brand goals as well as connect and build credibility with client base
  • Strategic, overarching insight and perspective of client’s business and direction needs to go
  • Strong ability to establish and maintain interpersonal relationships with marketing leadership and other vendor partners
  • Demonstrated success in selling and Influencing marketing decisions ability to convince marketing leadership to use our client as strategic partner vs. other competitive alternatives
  • Talent for coaching, developing and stretching employees to take on broader responsibilities and achieve personal goals.
  • Ability to understand and communicate scientific and clinical data
  • Clever, quick on feet - able to immediately (in the moment) provide value added insights to client and astute strategic recommendations

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