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Tim Jadwin


Meetings Operations Manager



Company Summary:

A global meetings company.


Our client is looking for a dynamic leader who can ensure complete implementation and utilization of a single client’s Meetings global offering, with a focus on growth and internal customer satisfaction; and to provide the leadership and direction necessary to engage and develop staff and procedures, manage costs, encourage innovation and cross-functional thinking, and maintain excellence in the delivery of service to clients.

Business Objectives
  • Directs activities of business operations to ensure profitability and quality.
  • Monitors trends and patterns in business performance to identify problem areas and take immediate corrective action and/or make suggestions for continuous improvement.
  • Work with client’s program management to identify a clear understanding of client needs.
  • Collaborate with client’s program management to develop solutions to client requirements.
  • Maintains communication with client’s M&E and senior management to ensure that they are aware of client’s M&E progress, key changes, and gaps in performance with time enough to develop strategies to address these issues.
  • Makes recommendations to improve the profitability of the operation.
  • Maintains consistent communication necessary to strategic planning, business resiliency and client decision-making.
  • Collaborates with M&E directors and managers in other areas of M&E to share best practices/standard procedures, identify opportunities for improvement, and work together to better serve the customer and engage the workforce.
Team Management
  • Ensures proper staffing levels to maintain all deliverables of the client’s Global offering are provided.
  • Creates a culture of passion around delivering the ultimate customer experience through engagement and empowerment in work with colleagues and staff.
  • Communicates with client’s staff at all levels to ensure knowledge of progress, gaps in performance, and link of individual contributions to overall business objectives.
Operational Excellence
  • Implements necessary training and staff development based on the client’s Services Standards.
  • Implements and maintains required/best in class tools and technology to best serve the client’s customers.
  • Implements client’s M&E standards globally. Assists with developing region and country specific innovative ideas, solutions and opportunities to achieve business objectives and further integration with client’s M&E offering.
  • Initiates and manages projects and implementations.
  • Provides input to program management and accounting regarding service, technical issues, and financial billing.
  • Develops and ensures the ongoing maintenance of the client’s global operations manual to include common processes and procedures as well as client’s brand standards and requirements to ensure global consistencies.
Client Specific Objectives
  • Overall strategic meeting management three year business plan
  • Monthly/quarterly and bi-annual meetings with key stakeholders
  • Preparing and managing operational SLA’s and KPI’s
  • Closing the gap between current and desired state through responsiveness to market and internal requirements
  • Centralizing quality control to ensure consistency across all regions
  • Developing a communications strategy to support initiatives
  • Publishing a global calendar of events, and reviewing calendar monthly to ensure no conflicts exist
  • Supporting and working in collaboration with StarCite technology
  • Building an event resource data bank
  • Leveraging economies of scale through venue and logistics management
  • Ensuring all contracts meet client’s T&C requirements while minimizing risk
  • Tracking, measuring and reporting on collected data to enable improvements
  • Overall budget management
  • Customer service management
Knowledge and Skill Required
  • Act as a role model to create an agile, change-adept department.
  • Systematically approach issues, opportunities and recommendations with a spirit of curiosity and open-mindedness.
  • Gain the credibility and confidence of multiple audiences through creative differentiated solutions.
  • Develop and maintain respectful, collaborative relationships and effective teams within own workgroup and across organizational boundaries.
  • Manage change at all levels of the organization in a positive and productive manner.
  • Stimulate innovation and continuous improvement by inspiring self and team to stretch beyond what they think can be done.
  • Create a culture that fosters and rewards energy, passion, and challenging the status quo.
  • Simultaneously think strategically and act tactically.
  • Work resourcefully and model resiliency in the face of shifting priorities and demands, champion new ideas, and encourage new ways of looking at problems, processes and solutions to improve results.
  • Comfortable working independently and well organized in an ambiguous, rapidly changing environment.
  • Demonstrated experience in managing financial performance as well as the management of people in multiple locations.
  • Skill and comfort using office technologies including Click Time.

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