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Job Order:


Staff Representative:

Tim Jadwin


EVP/SVP Account Director



Company Summary:

Pharmaceutical advertising company with specialization in Medical Devices.


Key Responsibilities:
Responsible for overall agency service and activities on one or more major accounts. Top level client contact.

Broad Function:
Responsible for strategic insight on account(s) and senior level client contact. Builds a strong/lasting client relationship based on progress in achieving the clients’ marketing objectives with efficiency that results in profit for the agency. Leads the account team(s) to deliver first rate service to clients.

Specific Responsibilities:
  • Internal
    • Conducts regular meetings with the account team and relevant members of other services to discuss client problems, opportunities, and work in progress.
    • Determines staff hour requirements and other resources necessary to assure a high level of service to clients as well as profitability.
    • Supervises, trains and motivates account team members to assure a high level of performance on behalf of clients.
    • Evaluates performance and skill level of account group personnel and recommends staffing changes necessary to support client needs.
    • Participates in all planning projects.
    • Oversees the scheduling and flow of work from the team’s client(s).
    • Reviews, periodically, each client account’s profitability with the department supervisor.
  • External
    • Fosters a close communications relationship with client senior management, creating an atmosphere where issues regarding pricing, performance or team personnel can be discussed.
    • Takes a leadership role in the development of strategic plans that will grow the clients’ business as well as generate incremental billings and income.
    • Participates in major client presentations and makes other contacts that will strengthen the agency/client relationship.
    • Promotes, when appropriate, other agency services such as planning or interactive.
    • Insures that our client is adequately compensated for the services rendered.

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